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Review Case Studies-Residential applies the review process to practical problems that residential reviewers face every day. In Review Theory-Residential, participants learned about developing review opinions of completeness, accuracy, adequacy, relevance, reasonableness, appropriateness, and credibility specific to another appraiser’s work, including reasons for disagreement. This course puts the theory into practice through realistic problems, work applications, group discussions, and an extended case study. Come prepared to be challenged. This course will be beneficial for reviewers, appraisers, and other real estate professionals who regularly work with appraisals and reviews.

Please note Designated Members and Candidates for Designation will receive the discounted AI Price for Advanced Education courses: Review Theory-Residential and Review Case Studies-Residential. All others will pay the Full Price.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
• Apply the steps of the review process to a residential appraisal report
• Evaluate and analyze key sections of the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) through work-life review applications
• Effectively develop and communicate opinions of completeness, accuracy, adequacy, relevance, reasonableness, appropriateness, credibility, and reasons for disagreement
• Evaluate appraisal errors to distinguish whether they are trivial or material from a review perspective

Note. Review Case Studies - Residential builds on the concepts presented in Review Theory - Residential, a required course in the Appraisal Institute's Residential Review Designation program (AI-RRS - Appraisal Institute Residential Review Specialist). For more information regarding the requirements for the review designation, please click here.

Required text
Current issue of USPAP

Review Theory and Procedures: A Systematic Approach to Review in Real Property Valuation

Program Overview
None Specified.

Recommended Text
• Appraising Residential Properties, 4th ed.
• The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 5th ed.
• Appraising the Appraisal: The Art of Appraisal Review, 2nd ed.
• The Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th ed.

Ordering Information
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Please contact the sponsoring chapter for information on fees applicable to chapter programs.

A financial calculator is required. The accepted model used in the course is the HP-12C. Note: Cellular phones, tablets, iPads, and other devices that connect to the Internet are NOT permitted during the exam.

AI CE Credit for Designated Members and Practicing Affiliates
• Residential Attend Only = 170 points
• Residential Attend and Pass = 225 points
• Residential Pass Only = 55 points
• General Attend Only = 145 points
• General Attend and Pass = 200 points
• General Pass Only = 55 points

Review Theory-Residential

Who Should Enroll
• Designated Members
• Certified Residential Appraisers
• Attorneys
• Accountants
• Government agency reviewers
• Users of appraisal services

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Class Schedule & Location

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