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Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Buildings Education Schedule (PDF)
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This course introduces participants to valuation methods for appraising the high performance house. Participants learn the appraisal procedures for valuing green residential properties to assist in supporting an opinion of value. The course focuses on the valuation process in different appraisal problems encountered in appraising green properties. The valuation process is examined as it applies in each of the three approaches to value.

In-depth case studies will help participants develop their problem-solving skills in this new building technology. The case studies represent the real estate market in 2009-2010, and the problems and discussion questions are based on real-life examples provided by builders, real estate agents and appraisers.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Develop ways to assess potential contributory value of green or energy efficient items.
    • Identify the GRM analysis as a tool for supporting adjustments for green buildings.
    • Identify the use of paired analysis to support adjustments for green buildings.
    • Identify the issues requiring careful verification of comparables for green buildings.
    • Develop the three approaches to value in context of green buildings.

Exam: This 7 hour course contains an optional offline exam for 1 additional hour of credit. Students taking the class for the Professional Development Program (see below) are required to complete the exam. You will have 90 days from the time that you complete the course to take the proctored exam. Testing center locations in your area can be found by clicking on this link:

AI CE Credit for Designated members and Practicing Affiliates:
• Attend Only = 75 points
• Attend and Pass Exam = 125 points

Appraisal Institute Professional Development Program:
This course is in the Valuation of Sustainable Buildings Professional Development Program. For a list of FAQs, which includes information regarding the other courses you'll need to successfully complete the program, click here.

Note: Appraisal Institute professionals may not repeat this course in any subsequent continuing education cycle unless it has been substantially revised, as determined by the Admissions and Designation Qualifications Committee. For further information, please visit our Continuing Education Page .

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  • Appraiser Participants: Must have taken Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles & Concepts course (OR An Introduction to Valuing Commercial Green Buildings seminar OR Valuation of Green Residential Properties seminar)

  • Nonappraiser Participants:  Recommended prerequisites include Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles & Concepts course (OR An Introduction to Valuing Commercial Green Buildings seminar OR Valuation of Green Residential Properties seminar)

Appraisers, lenders, underwriters, public officials, architects, attorneys, property tax assessors, builders, AMCs

Required Technology
IMPORTANT! You may bring your own calculator to use during the exam. Keep in mind that AI courses are developed with HP12C keystrokes, and that using an HP12C is highly recommended.

Only one calculator is permitted in the testing room and the calculator's memory must be cleared before and after the examination.

For additional help with the HP12C calculator, take our online seminar, Using Your HP12C Financial Calculator.

Recommended Text
None Specified.

AI Price: $ 114.00
Full Price: $ 137.00

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Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA


I agree to the terms and policies set forth under the Appraisal Institute Online Education Policy. I also certify that I am the person identified above under Personal Data and that I will personally complete each assigned module of instruction and any examination(s). I understand and agree that if I misrepresent my identity or arrange for someone else to represent himself or herself as me at any time during the Appraisal Institute online course or seminar, I will be immediately removed from the course or seminar and I will not be entitled to any refund. I further understand that if I am a member of the Appraisal Institute and participated in any misrepresentation of identity, by affirmative act or failure to act, that I will be the subject of a peer review proceeding under Regulation No. 6 for violation of the Appraisal Institute's Code of Professional Ethics and Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice, and that such peer review proceeding may result in termination of my Appraisal Institute membership.

Additional Information
Please allow 1 hour after registration to start an online session in progress (on or after the session start date). Go to and log in with the username and password you used when you registered. You will automatically be taken to the "My Appraisal Institute" page. Near the middle of that page your course will be listed with a link next to it that says "Go To Class".

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