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Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Buildings

CALL   Date: August 7, 2014   Location: Austin, TX
Category  Other [Oth]  
Attendance Hours  7.0  
Exam Hours  1.0  
Current Price  $ 275.00 AI Price  
$ 305.00 Full Price  
Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA  
Name  Austin Hilton  
Address  500 East 4th Street  
City  Austin  
State  TX  
Zip  78701  
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Contact Name  Tony Mendoza  
  Appraisal Institute  
Address  200 W. Madison  
   Suite 1500  
City  Chicago  
State  IL  
Zip  60606  
Phone  (312) 335-4481  
Fax  (312) 335-4482  

This one-day course introduces participants to valuation methods for appraising the high performance house. Participants learn the appraisal procedures for valuing green residential properties to assist in supporting an opinion of value. The course focuses on the valuation process in different appraisal problems encountered in appraising green properties. The valuation process is examined as it applies in each of the three approaches to value.

In-depth case studies will help participants develop their problem-solving skills in this new building technology. The problems and discussion questions are based on real-life examples provided by builders, real estate agents and appraisers.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Develop ways to assess potential contributory value of green or energy efficient items.
    • Identify the GRM analysis as a tool for supporting adjustments for green buildings.
    • Identify the use of paired analysis to support adjustments for green buildings.
    • Identify the issues requiring careful verification of comparables for green buildings.
    • Develop the three approaches to value in context of green buildings.
Note. This course is in the Valuation of Sustainable Buildings Professional Development Program. For a list of FAQs, which includes information regarding the courses you'll need to successfully complete the program, click here.

This course is approved for GBCI CE Hours by the USGBC.

  • Table of Contents and Overview [PDF]
  • Course Schedule [PDF]
    Appraisers, lenders, underwriters, public officials, architects, attorneys, property tax assessors, builders, AMCs
    A financial calculator is required. The accepted model used in the course is the HP-12C. Note: Cellular phones, tablets, iPads, and other devices that connect to the Internet are NOT permitted during the exam.
    •  Appraiser Participants: Must have taken Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles & Concepts course (OR An Introduction to Valuing Commercial Green Buildings seminar OR Valuation of Green Residential Properties seminar)

    •  Nonappraiser Participants:  Recommended prequisites include Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles & Concepts course (OR An Introduction to Valuing Commercial Green Buildings seminar OR Valuation of Green Residential Properties seminar)

  • An Introduction to Green Homes
      For Further Reading  
      An Introduction to Green Homes  
      Appraising Residential Properties, 4th ed.  
      The Appraisal of Real Estate, 14th ed.  
      The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, 5th ed.  
      Valuation by Comparison: Residential Analysis and Logic  
    Cancellation Policy
    • Up To 15 days prior to program start date, refund in full.
    • 7 - 14 days prior to program start date, $100.00 cancellation fee.
    • Less than 7 days prior to program start date, forfeit of payment.
    Continuing Education Credit
    This seminar is approved for eight(8) hours of Appraisal Institute continuing education credit. This seminar might not be approved in all states by the offering date. Please check with your state board for state approval information.

    This confirmation will serve as your receipt. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. Confirmed students should not assume that cancellation has been granted until a confirmation has been received.

    Other Information
    If you have a disability and require accommodation, please notify the national office at least two weeks in advance and we will arrange for reasonable accommodation. The Appraisal Institute reserves the rights to cancel, limit, or reschedule the seminar and to change faculty assignments and facility locations at any time. Prospective students should confirm their registration before making any non-refundable airline reservations.

    Program materials can be downloaded by the student.
      Additional Information  
    Class Schedule:
  • August 7: 8:00-8:30 Check In
  • August 7: 8:30-4:00 Lecture Hours
  • August 7: 4:00-5:00 Exam

  • Attendance Policy:
    The Appraisal Institute issues certificates for state certification/licensing or state continuing education credit that verify successful completion and attendance of 100% with your grade notification letter. Please note, if Appraisal Institute attendance records indicate attendance of less than 100%, the student certificate will reflect this and state agencies may refuse to award credit.

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