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SOUTHERN BRANCH DINNER MEETING - Fannie Mae Update: Collateral Policy & Technology Guidance for Appraisers

CALL   Date: July 11, 2017   Location: Irvine, CA
  Local Area Topics  
Category  Electives [E]  
Attendance Hours  2.0  
Current Price  $ 35.00  
Name  Back Bay Conference Center  
Address  3415 Michelson Dr.  
City  Irvine  
State  CA  
Zip  92612  
  Sponsor / Contact  
Chapter  Southern California
Contact Name  Lianna Ayala  
Phone  (818) 957-5111  
Description: In this session, we’ll tackle the question of why appraisal quality is important to Fannie Mae and how it is measured. We will share insights on how lenders use Collateral Underwriter® and we’ll recap recent policy changes, dispel myths, and give practical suggestions for how to navigate the new data-centric landscape.

1. Lender Requirements

2. Importance of Appraisal Quality

3. Unacceptable Appraisal Practices

4. Collateral Underwriter®
a. Overview
b. Score & Message Summary
c. Popular Messages

5. Appraisal Quality Monitoring
a. Overview
b. Recent Actions
c. Impact

6. Fact vs. Fiction / Pop Quiz
a. Comparable Selection
b. Adjustments
c. Market Conditions
d. Appraiser Licensing
e. Appraisal Resubmissions

7. Recent Policy Updates
a. Day 1 Certainty
b. Contract Changes After the Appraisal is Completed
c. Comparable Selection in New (or Recently Converted) Condos, Subdivisions, or PUDS
d. Sales or Financing Concession Adjustments
e. Appraiser Trainees
f. Placeholder for upcoming policy changes

8. Recommendations
a. Lenders
b. Appraiser

9. Questions

10. Resources

BIO: Julie Jones has more than 15 years of diverse real estate and valuation experience. Before joining Fannie Mae, she spent several years in the field as a real estate appraiser and Realtor® in North Carolina. Julie worked in the Loan Quality Center of Fannie Mae for almost six years, serving as a Subject Matter Expert for Collateral Underwriter®(CU™), other internal applications, and procedures. She recently joined the Collateral Policy & Strategy team with a focus to lead a broader communication and outreach strategy targeted at the appraiser and AMC community as well as other industry leaders.
Cancellation Policy
  • Up To 15 days prior to program start date, $10.00 cancellation fee.
  • 2 - 14 days prior to program start date, $15.00 cancellation fee.
  • Less than 2 days prior to program start date, forfeit of payment.
This Educational Program (Program) was developed and organized by the Appraisal Institute Chapter offering the Program with the intent of addressing topic(s) of current local interest solely for educational and informational purposes. The Appraisal Institute national organization was not involved in developing or organizing the Program.

The content of this Program, including but not limited to any written materials and presenter comments, does not represent the viewpoint of the Appraisal Institute (defined as including but not limited to, the national organization, its Regions, Chapters, members, candidates, affiliates and staff) unless formally adopted by the national Board of Directors. Further, the Appraisal Institute has not peer-reviewed or approved the content of the Program and does not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the content of the Program. The content of the Program is subject to court decisions and local, state and federal laws and regulations and any such revisions of such laws and regulations.

This Program is presented with the understanding that the Appraisal Institute is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or services. Nothing in the Program is to be construed as the offering of such advice or services. If expert advice or services are required, attendees and readers are responsible for obtaining such advice or services from appropriate professionals.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first served basis. If the event is filled, a waiting list will be retained. The Southern California Chapter reserves the rights to cancel, limit, or reschedule this event if the minimum enrollment level is not reached, and to change faculty assignments and facility locations at any time. Prospective students should confirm their registration before making any non-refundable airline reservations. There are NO transfers; you must cancel out of the offering.

The Appraisal Institute enforces attendance requirements mandated by state licensing and certification regulatory agencies. The Appraisal Institute issues certificates for state certification/licensing or state continuing education credit that verify successful completion and attendance of 100%, with your grade notification letter for courses, or at the conclusion of seminars. One hundred percent (100%) attendance is required for all Appraisal Institute education programs. This follows Appraiser Qualification Board minimum criteria requirements.

Some classes have prerequisites. Be sure to read the course description to find out if there are any prerequisites for this course.

Some classes have required textbooks. Be sure to read the class description to find out if there are any required textbooks for this course. There will not be any textbooks for purchase at the class. You must buy them ahead of time. If you arrive for a class without the required textbook credit for the class cannot be given and there will be no refund.

Some classes require you bring a laptop and or other equipment. Be sure to read the class description to determine if any equipment is required. You are responsible for bringing your own extension cord(s). None will be provided. Please safeguard your equipment and personal belongings at all times. The Appraisal Institute, the Southern California Chapter, the Instructor or the facility will not be responsible for any loss of your personal belongings.

Some classes are now available with downloadable materials. If you opted to download class materials instead of having them shipped to you, you will be required to bring the materials with you on a laptop or as a hard copy. If you do not have the materials with you credit for the class cannot be given and there will be no refund. Copies will not be available to you in the class. You are responsible for bringing your own extension cord(s). None will be provided.

It is the policy of the Appraisal Institute to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities who are participating in Appraisal Institute educational programs. If you need accommodations to participate because of a disability, please notify us in writing at least two weeks in advance of the program and we will arrange for reasonable accommodation. Without two weeks’ notice, accommodation may not be available.

For scannable exams, written notification of results will be sent to the examinee approximately 15 business days from the date of receipt of the exams at the national office.
Certificates of completion for continuing education will be sent to the student in approximately 15 days from the date of the class. Express Grading is available. For more information contact the national office at (312)335-4207.

Program materials will be picked up at the site.
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