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Trial Components: Recipe for Success or Disaster

CALL   Date: May 16, 2019, Includes Lunch Meeting + Seminar   Location: Ft. Myers, FL
  Local Area Topics  
Category  Electives [E]  
Attendance Hours  3.0  
Current Price  $ 140.00 AI Price  
$ 150.00 Full Price  
John R. Underwood, Jr., MAI, SRA  
Name  Marina at Edison Ford  
Address  2360 W. 1st Street  
City  Ft. Myers  
State  FL  
Zip  33901  
  Sponsor / Contact  
Chapter  Florida Gulf Coast
Contact Name  Nancy J. Bachor  
Phone  (813) 962-4003  
Fax  (813) 962-4006  
This Seminar breaks down component parts of the trial and informs attendees on what different trial participants are trying to accomplish. The seminar will have a panel of attorneys with litigation backgrounds to provide unique insight into the trial process. The seminar was developed and will be moderated by John Underwood, MAI.
Cancellation Policy
  • Up To 15 days prior to program start date, $15.00 cancellation fee.
  • 7 - 14 days prior to program start date, $50.00 cancellation fee.
  • Less than 7 days prior to program start date, forfeit of payment.
  Transfer Policy
  • Up To 15 days prior to program start date, $30.00 transfer fee.
  • 7 - 14 days prior to program start date, $50.00 transfer fee.
  • Less than 7 days prior to program start date, no transfer allowed.
This Educational Program was developed by an outside party. The Appraisal Institute Chapter made arrangements for the Third-Party to offer the Program with the intent of addressing topic(s) based on a certain chapter or local need for such topic, solely for educational and informational purposes. The Appraisal Institute national organization was not involved in developing or organizing the Program and does not endorse the Program or its content.

State CE Credit: This class is pending approved for Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board continuing education credit. For other states, you should determine current education approval and requirements.

Attendance: One hundred percent (100%) attendance is required for all Appraisal Institute education programs. This follows Appraiser Qualification Board minimum criteria requirements. Students should not be late or leave early. If you are late or leave early you will not receive credit.

State Certification: Students should contact their specific state to determine current education approval and requirements. Please follow the link above under locations to verify certification in your state.

Program materials will be picked up at the site.

  Additional Information  
Class Location: Marina at Edison Ford, 2360 W. 1st Street, Ft. Myers, FL 33901

Schedule: 11:30 AM - Lunch + Chapter Meeting;
1 PM - 4 PM: Trial Components seminar

Note - Seminar tuition includes the lunch meeting.

Seminar Developer & Moderator: John Underwood, MAI, SRA

Panel of attorneys will include: Jackson H. Bowman IV, Esq, with Moore Bowman & Rix, Tampa who specializes in Eminent Domain, Jeffrey D. Fridkin, Esq. Civil Trial Attorney from Naples and Vera Bergermann, Esq. Bergermann Law Firm,in Ft. Myers who specializes in family law.

FL CE Credit: 3 Hours of Florida CE

Appraisal Institute Credit: 15 Points

Nearby Hotel Options:

Hotel Indigo Downtown River District, 1520 Broadway, Ft. Myers, FL 33901 - 239/337-3446.,%20Suite%20104,%20Fort%20Myers,%20FL,%20US&dp=true&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoZHziYbs4QIVj4uzCh0gJQ_jEAAYASAAEgKNrPD_BwE&cid=26472&srb_u=1

Legacy Harbor Hotel - 2038 W. First Street, Ft. Myers, Phone:239-332-2048.,%20Suite%20104,%20Fort%20Myers,%20FL,%20US&dp=true&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI  



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