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AI Excel Diagnostic Test

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Ray Earl Martinez, Ph.D  
Appraisal Institute - Online Education
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Prior to registering for your first MAI Designation Education course, you are required to pass a diagnostic test that will assess your skill level in Excel. Students are advised to pay close attention to the Excel concepts on the test, since they will be used extensively in the DE courses. Your test results will indicate if you have the skills needed to succeed in the MAI Designation courses.

Must Pass the Test to Enroll
You will not be able to register for any of the MAI designation courses until your account indicates you have passed the test. Once you have passed, you will be able to register for any of the four courses listed below:

Advanced Income Capitalization
Advanced Concepts & Case Studies
Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
Quantitative Analysis

Test-Taking Deadline
You may take the test at any time. However, keep in mind that you must receive your "pass" confirmation at least 14 days before the classroom session begins. For specific deadline dates, see the link that is included on each of the course description pages.

Number of Attempts
You will have 10 online attempts to successfully pass the test. If you have not passed after 10 attempts, we will recommend that you enroll in an Appraisal Institute Excel seminar such as Using Spreadsheet Programs in Real Estate Appraisals to increase your Excel knowledge. An Excel course is in development and will be available in late 2019. It will address the skills needed to successfully pass the diagnostic test as well as the MAI Designation courses.

Test Results
Test results will be delivered to you instantly once the test is submitted. Please allow 24 hours from the time you receive your "pass" confirmation to register for an MAI Designation Education course.

To succeed in AI MAI Designation Education courses, some basic Excel skills are required. This exam will test your knowledge of:

  • Basic formula creation
  • Cell formatting
  • Navigation
  • Copy and paste
  • File management
No Cost
There is no charge to take the test.
Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to complete an online program once it begins, you may cancel out of the program within 30 days after the official end date. Absolutely no cancellations will be processed after 30 days of the official end date. Once you cancel out of a program, you must start the program over at the beginning in any later enrollments. You cannot be placed into the program where you left off before canceling.

You must receive your "pass" grade confirmation letter at least 14 days before the live classroom session begins.
  Additional Information  
Please allow 1 hour after registration to start the diagnostic test (on or after the session start date). Go to and log in with the username and password you used when you registered. You will automatically be taken to the "My Appraisal Institute" page. Near the middle of that page your test will be listed with a link next to it that says "Go To Class".

If you have any questions, please email us at



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