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Marketability Studies: Advanced Considerations & Applications Education Schedule (PDF)

Education Catalog (PDF)
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This seminar will provide practical, hands-on training for experienced appraisers in the development and application of level C market analysis in valuation appraisals. Participants will bring laptops to class to solve specific problems relating to market analysis (i.e. supply/demand) as well as applications of market analysis to highest and best use and valuation.

The single most important concept for this seminar is to provide useful tools using advanced market analysis techniques to measure and support valuation analysis applications throughout the appraisal report.

Case Studies
The first case study features Level C inferred and fundamental demand analysis for a retail property. This study uses the Site To Do Business as a source of data and provides shortcuts for line items used in the buying power method.

The second case study showcases a Level C step-by-step marketability analysis for a residential apartment complex using inferred and fundamental methods. Participants will forecast demand using the segmentation method, the tenure-by-housing income model, and the ratio method.

Please Note
• A laptop computer with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later is recommended for participants. If participants don't own Excel, they can download a trial copy here.
• Participants will receive a registration confirmation e-mail that will contain a message directing them to download Excel files at AI's Knowledge Center. These files, which will be used for in-class exercises, should be downloaded prior to class.
• Participant should have the ability to perform basic mathematical calculations, cell formatting navigation, and file management in Microsoft Excel.

General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use
Marketability Studies: The Six-Step Process and Basic Applications

Program Overview
• Table of Contents and Overview (PDF)
• Schedule (PDF)

Recommended Text
• Market Analysis for Real Estate: Concepts and Applications in Valuation and Highest and Best Use


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